About Us

Student Lobby Mission Statement:

Associated Students Student Lobby is an organization that strives to unite activism, professionalism, and strategic action planning while implementing local, statewide, and national campaigns. We initiate, develop, and implement campaigns that progressively alter the current position of underrepresented students and all students striving to get a higher education. Student Lobby fights to instigate change within our current political reality, focusing on empowering students to reverse the trend of escalating student costs and declining accessibility and quality in higher education.

Student Lobby further builds strong coalitions with other on campus, statewide, and national grassroots organizations, while utilizing hands on activist and organizing training modules towards strategic implementation of our goals, all the while giving back to those communities in greatest need. Student Lobby acts as the official avenue in which students train to be effective lobbyists, working with state and federal legislators, political officials, the media, and various UC staff members, administrators, and organizations. Through Student Lobby, students develop a thorough knowledge of the governing structure of the state, including the California State Assembly, Senate, various committees, current elected representatives, and current legislative policies regarding the status of Higher Education and most significantly, the state budget. Members of Student Lobby take upon themselves primary ownership of the implementation process of all campaigns, which further develops their skills, knowledge, and passion needed to pursue a career in public policy and political/legislative affairs.”

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