Student Lobby’s efforts, accomplishments, and projects of 2003-2004.

Chair: Fernando Ramirez
E.V.P.S.A.: Jewel Love
State Affairs Organizing Director: Lance Tackett

Student Lobby re-emerged at this time after nearly becoming non -existent over the several years prior. Appointed Chair Fernando Ramirez set out to uplift the organization and make it strong again. During this academic year, Student Lobby did the following:

  • Worked to repeal Office of Student Life’s Parental Notification policy, which underhandedly violates student’s privacy rights by sending letters home to parents about their drinking/drug violations in Isla Vista.
  • We worked to renegotiate Coca-Cola’s monopolistic contract on our campus due to Cokes well-known human rights violations around the world, as well as to give Students at UCSB more consumer choice. We were able to get the Workers Rights consortium to investigate these alleged violations in Columbia in which they will present their finding to the UC. This issue stirred great interest within the organization and a Student Lobby Labor Coalition was started. The members ran a major awareness campaign about what is going on in Columbia, met with UCSB administration to speak about Coca- Cola’s contract on campus, communicated with national organizers on the campaign and worked with other UC’s and institutions in the state. Student Lobby also held a major rally, march, and die in on campus (VIDEO COMING SOON).
  • A primary focus for Student Lobby was on the State budget, fighting to prevent fee increases, to maintain financial aid levels, and to save outreach. Where the Governor had allocated Zero dollars to Outreach in the State budget, due to our efforts, and students efforts all around the state, Outreach funding was maintained at 33 million.
  • UCSB Student Lobby held a statewide press conference in Sacramento surrounding the budget. It was one of the biggest media events the University of California Students Association saw all year. Leading politicians such as Phil Angelides and Fabian Nunez, amongst others, students, and community members, all came to speak on behalf of education during this press conference
  • Student lobby took a delegation of 16 students to the UCSA Lobby day in Sacramento where we lobbied state legislators on major issues affecting higher education.
  • Student Lobby also helped to send eight students to Washington D.C. with the United States Student Association, lobbying on a federal level.
  • Student Lobby throughout the year met with local assembly and state senate members, discussing how to prioritize Education in the State of California.
  • We held approximately five rallies throughout the year, educating students on issues regarding Outreach, Killer-coke, and the need for an improved education system in the state.
  • We routinely met and negotiated with the Chancellor on the various ways to maintain outreach funding on our campus, and in Coalition with Student groups across campus, won a solid victory, ensuring that our Student Initiated Outreach Program would be heightened and maintained at 3 million as long as Henry Yang remains our chancellor.
  • Student Lobby attended various UC regents meetings, speaking out about tuition increases, and the loss of financial aid to low income students. We traveled around the state ensuring that the Student Voices from UCSB were being heard, loud and clear.
  • Student Lobby also helped in sending students to various conferences, gaining critical knowledge, as well as organizing and campaign implementation skills. We sent students to the UCSA Student of Color Conference, UCSA Lobby Conference, UCLGBTIA Conference, USSA Legislative Conference, “Not with Our Money” National convergence in Austin Texas, National Students Against Sweatshops conference in Georgia, and more.
  • Student lobby also worked with National Organizations and grassroots networks such as: the “Not With Our Money Coalition,” “Students Against Sweatshops,” “Killer-coke Campaign,” United States Student Association, PowerPac, California Statewide Affirmative-Action Coalition (CSAAC), University of California Students Association, and many more, as a means to ensure that we are effectively fighting to ensure that ALL students will have access to a higher Education, as well as ensuring that our institutions, in which we fund, are not perpetuating human rights violations or workers rights violations locally or internationally.